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R2B Software is a software company based in Uppsala, Sweden. The company's mission is to offer the most cost-effective starting point for business-specific IT solutions. To achieve this we offer three things:

The first is that we offer software tools and methods in model-driven development. Our products RISE and Marshal are pragmatic and easy to use. They make it more efficient to develop and manage IT solutions. Our goal is to offer new and better ways to develop sound and robust software solutions. 

The second is that we use these tools and techniques to develop and offer system products and concepts in a variety of fields such as e.g. electronic archiving. Our system products range from turnkey packaged solutions to template packages for development of fully customized solutions. Most of our system products are both.

The third is that we offer various services based on the expertise and experience behind large amounts of successful IT solutions as well as our tools and systems products. We offer services for IT solutions throughout the life cycle, ranging from feasibility studies and analysis through project management, design, architecture and development to administration and support. 

In short: We develop tools, system products, solutions and services for efficient information system solutions. 

We offer two context aware products for Model-Driven Development. Targeted at different aspects of information system solutions. Use them in their respective domain to boost development throughput and to increase the quality and maintainability of your solution!

The RISE Editor tool allows you to build information models, complete with relations, constraints, defaults, indexes and views. RISE can automatically define the needed programming interfaces for your information model. You may modify or extend these interfaces as you see fit. Not even remodeling is a problem; your changes are cascaded throughout the model automatically assuring complete model consistency. When you're up to it, the model is passed to a RISE code generator transforming it to source code for the target environment of your choice. To develop a complete information solution just re-model and re-generate until you've reached the required result. 

The Marshal suite helps you to assemble data, from systems and databases, into meaningful business objects and export them as XML files or to other databases. It's a set of tools to create and execute data extraction models and to generate source code for further transformation or loading. The Marshal Editor modeling tool allows you to analyze source and target databases and import table definitions to simplify the modeling process, while assuring you're in detailed control. The model supports any information structure, depth or complexity and allows you to interweave data from different sources and deliver to multiple targets. The final Marshal model is intended for code generation and for deployment in one of the available run-time interpreters.