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Marshal downloads

The Marshal suite helps you to transfer data from one system to another, or to XML files, in an entirely open and reusable way. It's a set of tools to create and execute a data migration model, describing what data to migrate and how to migrate it. The Marshal Editor modeling tool allows you to analyze source and target databases and import table definitions to simplify the modeling process, while assuring you're in detailed control. The model supports any information structure, depth or complexity and allows you to interweave data from different sources and deliver to multiple targets. To run a Marshal model the Marshal run-time is needed. The run-time is available through the Marshal Editor, Marshal Archiver and Marshal Integrator software.

See Marshal Resource Center for more information.

Marshal Editor
Download the Marshal Editor installer
Marshal Archiver
Download the Marshal Archiver installer
Marshal Repository
Download the Marshal Repository installer. This is a prerequisite for running Marshal Archiver.
Marshal Site Router
Download the installer for the Marshal Site Router Windows service.
Marshal SOAP/WCF Router
Download the installer for the Marshal SOAP Router Windows service.
Marshal Integrator
Download the Marshal Integrator installer
Marshal Signaller
Download the Marshal Signaller installer
Marshal Repository Publisher
Download the Marshal Repository Publisher installer
Marshal XmlEditor
Download the Marshal XmlEditor installation package
Marshal Viewer
Download the Marshal Viewer installation package
Marshal SQLUtility
Download the Marshal SQLUtility installer
Marshal SSHPuTTY
Download the Marshal SSHPuTTY installer