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Composed transactions

RISE composed methods can run as transactions. When a method is specified to run as a transaction, all subsequent database operations called as part of the method will run on the transaction.

To make a composed method run as a single transaction, click on the method in the RISE Editor and then set the "Use Transaction" property, found in lower right-corner property grid, to true.

The composed method will commit the transaction when execution ends unless an error (exception) occurs during execution, causing it to rollback the transaction instead. To explicitly rollback your transaction, based on some business specific criteria, use a custom method to generate an exception.

Note, currently only the c# code generator supports transactions. Furthermore, ODBC doesn't support transaction nesting and, thus, you can't call a composed method running as a transaction from another composed method already running as a transaction (typical runtime error "OdbcConnection does not support parallel transactions"). Still, though, it's fully possible to run a transaction method as part of a non-transaction method.

Note, you may also use custom methods to implement your transaction logics. For PHP this is currently the only option.