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Command-line usage

All RISE Editor compliant code generator accepts command line input. This is useful when the generated code is part of a larger software project or if you, otherwise, need to assure that generated code is consistent with your RISE model.

Pass the command line arguments according to:

<Code generator path> [<RISE model path> [<Output folder>]]

This can be used directly from any command line prompt, e.g. like

or embedded in Visual Studio as part of a build process

or in any other environment to achieve "generate on demand" functionality.

If input arguments aren't provided, the code generator will display its GUI to allow the user to enter the missing parameters and manually generate the code, see standalone usage.

Advanced usage

The RISE code generators communicate the result of the operation by placing a result file codegenerator.result in the output folder. This XML file contains information about the code generation process. It includes details about the source RISE model, the code generator used and resulting output files. It also includes any errors and warnings. This is the mechanism used by the RISE Editor during code generation and its purpose is to facilitate integration of code generators in other solutions.

All elements and attributes in the result file are part of the namespace risecode and are described in the table below. Note that the overall structure of the file is defined by the DTD embedded in each result file. 

generatorResultRoot element. 
dateDate of code generation in ISO 8601 format

userName of the user who generated the code
modelSource RISE model information. Attributes:
guidModel unique identifier
prefixModel prefix, used for naming purposes
nameModel name
evolutionThe number of evolutions in the model

generatorName of the code generator used. Attributes:
nameFull assembly name
typeType of code generator. Valid values are

errorAn optional textual error message corresponding to an exception that occurred while generating code.
warningAn optional textual warning message.
filesContains list of generated files.
fileInformation about a generated file. Attributes:
nameName of file
typeType of file. Valid values are INCREMENTALSQL, NONINCREMENTALSQL,
bomFlag indicating if a BOM (Byte-Order-Mark) is in the file or not.
encodingSource file character encoding (normally, UTF-8).
delimiterFor SQL script files only. Contains the statement separator being used. If multiple different separators exists these are separated using | (vertical bar).
overwriteBehaviorHint on what to do when storing this file in a directory having an equally named file. Valid values are OVERWRITE or LEAVE.