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Standalone usage

The details on how to use a RISE code generator are specific to the code generator. However, the code generators from RISE to Bloome Software are based on a framework giving them some common characteristics. You start the code generator, found in the start menu on your desktop, by selecting "RISE To Bloome Software" and then "RISE Code Generators" and, finally, the code generator of your choice. 

The code generator, when started without command-line arguments, displays a graphical user interface.

In the code generator GUI you should:
  1. Select "File | New" to create a code generation tab.
  2. Select the RISE model file to use as input
  3. Select an output folder where to store the generated files.
  4. Select "Tools | Generate" to run! The resulting files are displayed in the inner tab control.
The log tab will display the overall result, including any errors or warnings that occurred. 

A code generator provides a set of custom options, see each code generator article for further details. These can be set per code generation or stored as your default setting. To store your setting select "File | Save" (or ctrl-s).