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Custom methods
RISE provides a method sterotype called Custom for implementing your own server-side functionality. A custom method can be used to execute any code you see fit. For instance, it could be used to run a custom written stored procedure or call another system or a non-RISE information model. You need to manually write your custom method code, package it in a class and tell RISE how to invoke that class. When an interface in a RISE model contains a custom method the selected RISE code generator will generate code for invoking the custom method implementation.
The method is named CustomMethod by default. You may change it to a more appropriate name.
Rules for the Custom method sterotype:
  • The method returns the user specified set of data
  • The method accepts the user specified set of arguments
Why and when?
A business information solution needs a lot of functionality that can't be provide as part of an information model or structure. Most of these needs are, for natural reason, handled outside of your RISE project. However, sometimes they best handled as a part of your modeling project. Some of the reasons for using custom methods are:
  1. To analyze, or to define, what's required by another system, i.e. to specify a required interface.
  2. To expose an existing system as a web service, i.e. to use RISE for interface maintenance and documentation.
  3. To be able to hook custom code, or an existing system, into composed methods, for instance, to accomplish a permission control system or to export or import data.
Read more about using custom methods together with composed method to accomplish business level logics.
c# custom method
An example with souce code on how to write a RISE c# custom method.
PHP custom method
An example with souce code on how to write a RISE PHP custom method.