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Marshal Repository Admin

Just as the name suggests, the Marshal Repository is a repository for Marshal models, and Marshal Repository Admin is a windows application used to administrate the repository. If you wish, you can store all your Marshal models in the repository, making operations such as backup simpler. If you intend to use the Marshal Archiver service or the Marshal Integratior web service, then you need to store the Marshal models that these services use in the repository.
When the Marshal Archiver and the Marshal Integrator execute, they retrieve the Marshal models from the repository. You can make your repository available for services on remote machines. This is done by installing the Marshal Repository Publisher web service. You can read more about how this is done in the article Marshal Repository Publisher.
The Marshal Repository Admin Form
In the top of the window you can see where the repository is actually stored, and the left hand side of the window displays a list of the Marshal models that are stored in the repository.
In the tree view on the right, your current licenses are displayed. Under each license there are a number of seats, depending on your license. To make a Marshal model available for the Marshal Archiver you must place the model on a seat of a valid Marshal Archiver license, and to make a Marshal model available for the Marshal Integrator, you must place the model on a seat of a valid Marshal Integrator license.
To add a Marshal model to a seat, simply drag the model to a vacant seat, and to remove a model from a seat, right click on the seat and select Clear seat.
To add a new license or renew an existing license, select Add License in the File menu. In the window that appears, you can choose to activate a new license or to renew an existing license. If you select an existing license in the drop down list, details for the selected license are displayed.
Paste your activation license into the "Activation license" text box and click on the Activate button.
Add/Renew License