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Create a post processor

The Marshal Archiver service can be configured to execute a post processor application when the execution of the Marshal structure is completed. The post processor will be executed with command line arguments. The path to the export directory, the name of the job, the name of the Marshal structure and the name of the step are always sent in the command line. Any arguments needed for your specific post processor can also be added to the command line arguments.
A post processor can perform just about any task, such as converting the documents in the export to PDF or some other format. Below is a compressed Visual Studio Solution containing three example post processors.


This simple post processor copies the exported data to a new location. Any errors are reported in the event log.


This simple post processor moves the exported data to a new location. Any errors are reported in the event log.


This post processor compresses the exported archive and stores the zip file in a specified target directory. If a password is supplied, the post processor will password protect the zip file. You can also pass an argument telling the post processor to delete the export directory after the zip file has been created. Any errors are reported in the event log. The post processor uses the ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib library for creation of the Zip files. For more information, please visit their web site