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Placeholder Properties  

The Placeholder Node

The placeholder is not a carrier of data, but rather a means of organizing data. The placeholder only has one category of properties, XML. The properties in this category describe how the placeholder should be named and stored in the XML export.
It is often a good idea to add a placeholder to reflect that a Query Node can have multiple children of the same type. 

The XML Properties

The Placeholder XML Properties
Image 1, The Placeholder XML properties

Type Auto (default): The element is created at export as a result of harvesting. Manual: The element/attribute or any sub elements/attributes will not be created at export as a result of harvesting, but can optionally be added at a later time by e.g. a post processor or a leaf data parser. Manually added elements/attributes may be used to define import jobs.
Element The name of the Xml Element in the resulting XML document.
Export Specify whether the node should be saved to the Xml document.
Prefix Select the XML namespace prefix for your node. All namespaces added to the root node are available to use. By default the node uses the same prefix as its parent.

Sample Export

Sample export using placeholders
Image 2, Sample export using placeholders for Releases and Tracks

The Music model without placeholders

Model without placeholders
Image 3, The same model as in image 1, but without placeholders

Sample export without placeholders
Image 4, Sample export without placeholders for Releases and Tracks